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Auta / Ford Mustang GT

Ford Mustang GT (2015)

Marka: Ford

Model: Mustang GT

Rok produkcji: 2015

Ford Mustang GT :

http: //


The next chapter in the life of the iconic pony car begins as the all-new Ford Mustang - loaded with innovative technologies and delivering world-class levels of performance - is simultaneously revealed around the globe in six cities on four continents. :


"Ford Mustang inspires passion like no other car," said Raj Nair, Ford group vice president, global product development. "The visceral look, sound and performance of Mustang resonates with people, even if they've never driven one. Mustang is definitely more than just a car - it is the heart and soul of Ford." :


Ford Mustang's impact goes well beyond the 9 million-plus cars sold in its 50 years of continuous production. It has made thousands of appearances in film, television, music and video games, and is the world's most-liked vehicle on Facebook. For the first time ever, Ford will bring Mustang to customers in key parts of Europe and Asia. :


"We crafted this car with the goal of creating a contemporary interpretation of Mustang - an American automotive icon that symbolizes optimism and freedom for millions of people around the world," said Jim Farley, executive vice president of Ford global marketing, sales and service and Lincoln. :


All-new shape, yet unmistakably Mustang :


The clean-sheet design of both Mustang fastback and convertible evokes the essential character of the brand, retaining key design elements - including the long sculpted hood and short rear deck - with contemporary execution.:

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